How to organize yourself

Do you have a problem with organization?


Why are you lying?! Of course you do! We all have! But it’s okay, you have to know that you are not alone! I had this problem, for quite some time and you also have to know that each person has its own way of organizing stuff. I will tell you some of them, because let’s face it, the first one didn’t work, heck the second one was even worse! So I’m going to tell you some ways to organize yourself. Maybe my failures bring you fame!

The first thing you have to have, before even starting to think of organizing yourself and getting your life together is a pen.

blog 5

Now I know that what you see on the picture above are only liquid pens. You don’t have to get a liquid pen, you can get which ever one you like (freedom of choice is fun, isn’t it). But you have to admit that liquid pens are the most beautiful of them all, despite how many glitter others may produce. By now you’re probably wondering what does a pen have to do with it?

For your information, the pen has EVERYTHING to do with it, because first of all: you cannot write without a pen and second of all: if you like your pen you will like to write things down. And that’s how we come to our second point…

Writing things down is one of the best ways to organize yourself. It reminds you that you wrote something, it stares you in the face and makes you do things and it’s fun, what more do you want me to say?

Now that you have a pen you need something to write on or into.

blog 6
This is my stack of things to write in.

So you think that what you see in the above picture is a lot of notebooks? You should come to my home sometimes and see my room. Sometimes when I search for a specific note and I turn my room upside down because I can’t find it, it looks like a notebook store. So what you see in the picture is not even that bad.

I need a lot of notebooks because I use each one for different organization. One if for school dates and exams, one is for my ideas, one is when I try to teach myself something from the internet and I take notes (yes, I do that, I can be a nerd sometimes, don’t judge). I also have a diary, which you might think is not for organizing, but you are wrong, I organize my thoughts when I write into it, contemplate what happened to me in the last week or so. I also have a need of simple A4 format blank paper. I don’t know why but I feel at ease if I have some around, because that way I know that if I don’t find the right notebook when an idea strikes I always have a piece of paper (as if that could happen, since my apartment is almost built from notebooks). So one of the idea is to write things in a notebook. It’s handy, small enough so you can carry it around and yet big enough for you to not lose or misplace it.

Another thing I like to use and I find them very effective are post-it notes.

blog 7

Writing things on post-it notes is easy and fun and you can stick them anywhere you like. On your bathroom mirror, on your computer, on your fridge, chair, table! It’s all fun and games until you lose one! Post-it notes are great for short reminders or quick scrambling but not for long term notes because you can lose them, accidentally throw them away, write something over them, mistake them for a coaster and then they’re soaked… Believe me, all this things can happen (I’m talking from experience). So why did I mention post-it notes if now I’m practically saying that they suck? Well I use them for one thing mostly. I keep a stack of sticky notes on my bed-stand, so that if I have an idea mid-sleep I write it down quickly and the next day I remember what I was thinking about.

So now you have the pen and the notebook, so what else can you do with them? My most effective method so far (because let’s face it, if I’m writing this blog I am still discovering a perfect method) has been a checklist. You can write it down in a notebook, on a post-it note, on your phone or tablet, heck even on a handkerchief if you want to. All you have to do is stick to it! How is that possible you might ask? Well now we get to the part where I confirm my statement at the beginning of this post: Each person has its own way of organizing stuff. You can make a checklist and never  check anything from it. You might check one thing and then give up. However when you check one thing off your list, you get that little satisfaction of accomplishing something in your life and sometimes it feels so good that you just want to go to the next one. And that is the charm of checklists they make you do everything you wrote down just because you feel like you made something out of your day, even though you probably checked off: get out of bed and brush your teeth. But let’s face it, for some of us, that’s a pretty big accomplishment!

So what I’m saying is, that no matter what method you pick for organizing yourself, you have to know that you don’t have to stick to it. Change it up a bit from time to time and see what works for you! And when you find it make sure that you have fun with it. Don’t make it a must-do thing, find a way that makes you feel like you really are organized and that you have your life in order…

blog 8
Look! I found another notebook!

Evidently I don’t have my life in order, but I hope I helped you get yours in one 🙂

Read with you later, Lara.


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