Exploring original scores (OST)

Since I can remember I liked classical music. Mozart‘s piano, Vivaldi‘s Seasons, Bach‘s Toccata, Moonlight Sonata and For Elise by talented Beethoven and Pachelbel‘s beautiful Canon in D. I could go on, but if you’re reading this post you probably now this kind of music.

I was an ordinary child. You know the one in the 90′ when we listened to Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears, slowly progressing from Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani and Eminem to techno music. I went through all the stages. I still listen to music like that…not Destiny’s Child or Britney Spears and where ever the hell is Avril now, but Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Sia, Adele, Armin van Buuren, Calvin Harris and such a bunch. But next to all the popular music that we can hear on the radio about 1000 times a day I discovered something else…

It was 2012 and I watched Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End for what had to be 100th time and I heard this instrumental song in the background.

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I stopped the movie, because the song made my heart beat faster, it took over my body and my soul. I turned into a FBI agent and searched the internet for the song. At first I didn’t find it and I almost gave up…but thanks to my stubbornness that help me dig deep in the comments of a YouTube video (a clip of a scene when the song was playing) and somebody (who is a precious gem to me for being the same curious kid) asked the name of the song and somebody (a jewel who answered the question) wrote the name of the song. I typed the name in the YouTube search bar and I listened to the whole song until it came to the part I wanted to hear. Not only did my heart skip a beat, my y body shivered, I got goosebumps and I felt like crying that’s how beautiful it was. (I wish I was overreacting at this part, however I am not, I still get chills whenever I hear the part of the song.)

I discovered that the song’s called At Wit’s End (the part I was searching for starts at 3:07 if you’re curious of what I was searching for for so long) written by Hans Zimmer. Because I liked the music so much I decided to look a little deeper into it. I discovered beautiful people called composers of film music and their work in films called original scores.

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I felt so stupid that I didn’t know about this before. Yes, I heard the music in the backgroud of movies but I never paid much attention to it. I never wondered how the music was made or who made it and I regret that I didn’t discover OST’s before.

Little did I know that OST music would become one of my favorite genre of music. I listened to most of Hans Zimmer’s works and I think that his music is indescribable. I simply have no words for it.

Blog 2
My favorite 3 songs written by my favorite composer Hans Zimmer

I started to pay more attention to music as I watched movies and I discovered more composers and I started to listen to their music. I really couldn’t understand how I didn’t come upon OST before, since it gave so much life and made some scenes in the movie so much memorable. Soon I had so much OST music to listen to, that for some time I didn’t listen to anything else. I listened to OST music when I was going to school, when I was studying, when I was reading (it made reading a book so much fun, as if the book had it’s original score). I simply fell in love with the genre and now I have more than 100 songs on my playlist which I named Modern Classics. To me classical music never died it just got modernized and started to accompany other genres of culture.

Besides Hans Zimmer, for which I already said is my favorite composer of all times, I also listen to: Brian Tyler (I have his works from Fast and Furious franchise and Thor), Craig Armstrong (In Time, The Great Gatsby, Elizabeth: The Golden Age), James Horner (Avatar, Titanic), James Newton Howard (The Tourist), Marco Beltrami (The Giver, World War Z) and Thomas Newman (The Adjustment Bureau). These are just some of the composers I listen to and some of their work. They are known for so much more OST’s that are simply beautiful. Two that I discovered recently are Alexandre Desplat, who put a cherry on the top of The Danish Girl and made so many of us cry and Carter Burwell who did a splendid job for Carol and made so many scenes memorable and full with music.

blog 6
Upper row (from left to right): Carter Burwell, Alexandre Desplat, Brian Tyler, Thomas Newman. Bottom row (from left to right): James Newton Howard, James Horner, Craig Armstrong, Marco Beltrami. In the middle: Hans Zimmer

My curiosity and a beautiful song by Hans Zimmer helped me discover this beautiful world of instrumental music that I now listen to and adore. Now I can’t even imagine not listening to the music in the background in movies. I pay more attention to it and it brings so much to the movie itself that I love to watch them even more.

I hope that in the future I discover even more composers and that they continue to make the classics of our time.

blog 7

Read with you later, Lara.


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