What happens when I go to a stationary shop

I wrote a post a few days back where I said how much I love notebooks.

Okay…I stated that I am obsessed with them. I would not normally admit such things but since I am writing another post about it…I guess it’s true.

So yesterday we got the assignment again to go around the city and put posters on for our upcoming event. And since the event is a literary conference we had to put posters in libraries, book stores, stationary stores and such.

Now before I continue the story, you have to know something about me…I am obsessed with books. I am from a small country and small countries have small book stores and when I came in France and stepped inside of Librarie de Paris for the first time…I was in heaven. My friend, who is with me on this internship, had to almost drag me out of the shop that’s how in love I was! So many beautiful covers just waiting to be open and read.

The same goes for notebooks and pens and such. I want to have them all and I want to write into all of them with all those beautiful pens!

blog 1
These are the pens I bought. The left on is a beautiful silver color. The middle one is standard thin Pilot black and the right one is a standard Pilot blue.

So by know you probably know what happened yesterday. We were given addresses to where we have to take the posters and on our list besides all the libraries and book stores there was a stationary store. We went in, all innocent like, thinking that we are only going to leave the poster there and be on our way. BUT WE WERE WRONG!

Fortunately or unfortunately (it really depends on how you look at the situation) my friend is obsessed with notebooks as well (I don’t think as much as me, but she likes them a lot).

The first thing I saw when I came in was this beautiful notebook:

Look how cute! You can’t say no to those faces!

I mean look how cute it is with those light blue covers and those cute little kittens just smiling at you! By then I knew that there was no getting out of there without me buying something. I grabbed the notebook, without looking at the price.

blog 5

The notebook on the inside isn’t that special, normal black lines to write on. But that’s what makes it special. The cover brings you to write silly and fun things in it and that’s all I need.

Almost every time that I go to a stationary shop to get a new notebook I end up buying two or more of them. I don’t think I ever left the shop with only one notebook, I mean why would I, when you have so many to choose from. And that can sometimes be a problem, because they have so many beautiful notebooks and I fall for so many of them that in the end I either buy all of them or I end up going out with just a couple of them and I leave with a sad face, knowing I left a few of them behind.

If I have such a problem with decisions in my country, you can imagine what kind of a problem was the decision making in France, where the store was 5 times bigger. I ended up deciding between two of them. One was beige, a little smaller with two cats being in love and the other one was this one:

Look at it! Isn’t it perfect? ❤

I was already holding the two-cats-cover in my hands when I came upon this one. Not only are the patterns so beautiful. What really got me was the inscription and the owl. Both just spoke to me. I am a big dreamer (always have been, always will be) and the Owl is my spirit animal. So you can see how this notebook was meant to be for me, hihi.

I opened it up to look at the pages and they were as beautiful as the cover is.

blog 7
There are different pages throughout the notebook.

At that moment I knew I had to have it! So it was decision making time! I had to choose: the cats or the owl. In the end I choose the Dreaming Owl because I already decided on a cat-covered one and I didn’t want to have two of those and the cat notebook was wrapped in foil so I couldn’t see the pages and that bugged me a little.

What I think was an hour later we left the store with a big bag (just the way I like it) and in it 3 pens and 2 of my notebooks accompanied with my friends notebook (which you can see in the featured image above), also beautiful and I think it’s just for her!

I was so happy that I got the opportunity to shop for notebooks in France, so that I can have a little souvenir for when I go back home. I haven’t decided yet what to write in each of them or how I’m going to use them, but I don’t worry because I know that soon enough they will be filled with my messy handwriting, silly ideas and fun stories.

blog 6
A little message from me to me.

However I had to write something in them. I always do that; write a little message on the first page so that every time I open the notebook I remember why I bought it in the first place.

This post is about my secret obsession and I like sharing it because I know I am not the only one who loves to have stacks of notebooks lying around. For me it makes the room brighter, fuller and somehow more like a dreamland, in which I feel comfortable in.

Have any obsessions yourself?

Read with you later, Lara.


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