We Are Your Friends

We go through different stages in our life and through those stages we have different kinds of friends. Some stay, some go. Some we leave behind, some leave us behind. Some we know ever since we can remember, some we know for a few years and some we knew for ages and we came closer together through different events.

It doesn’t really matter how they got in your life, it matters what kind of a mark they leave on you and your life. Because we go through certain things in our life we need different people to motivate us, to help us grow, to teach us things and through that we create our personality.

We’ve all been there where you have friends that your parents don’t like and we had friends that we knew were bad for us, but somehow we still stuck with them. Nobody can tell me that we can’t have more than one best friend or that we have to label them as being the best anyway and that we can only have a couple of friends because otherwise we wouldn’t have time for all of them. LIES!

We make these categories throughout our life and we decide what kind of friends we want in a certain group. I am at a point in my life where I have every category filled with the people that I want in my life forever and for that I consider myself a very lucky girl.

  1. Category of friends that I have are the Oldies. These are friends that I’ve met in Primary School and we still hang out and still know everything about each other. I have two of them (they are twins) and sometimes we make a joke that we’re like married couples because we’ve been friends for over 15 years.
  2. Category are friends that you meet in High School. Now in HS a lot of things can happen and HS is the time when you’re finding yourself, so a lot of friends may come and go but when you define your personality and people come around with that exact craziness that you radiate, those are the ones that you know for sure are going to stick with you through everything. These friends are the Crazies, because they know everything about you and they have so much dirt on you that if they spill, the whole world may just blow up. I have three Crazies in my life and I adore them. Even though HS is over we still see each other at least once a month and when we get together the World fears for its existence.blog 4
  3. Category that I think everybody has to have in their life is the Squad. Those are friends that you can do anything with, you are always with them and no matter what you’re gonna stick together. If one has to go to jail, they better have a big freaking cell because 6 of you are going to sit in there. If one gets their heart broken, bitches be runnin’ because they’re gonna settle that with tears and blood and then be the shoulder to cry on to. I always thought that after High School you don’t get the opportunity to meet crazy people. Everybody is mature and they are focusing on college and figuring their life out. Well, I was wrong, because as it turns out college is just a HS extension and the people that you meet in college are really the crazy crazy ones. I have 5 crazy idiots in my squad and we are such #squadgoals that people should get jealous when we walk the streets! We slowly developed our relationships through the years and at the end, our last year, we all got our weird personalities together and created something beautiful. No matter where we’re going to be or who we’re going to meet, we are still going to be friends and we’re still going to hang out and do crazy things together.Blog 1
  4. Category and the last one is (or are) the Soulmate. That’s a friend that is so rare to find and some people never find them. Yet again some people find them so fast and I think those are the luckiest bunch! Soulmate friends have the same exact mindset as you do. I know…it sounds crazy, because it is so rare that you meet someone who has the same view, same thoughts and same life style as you do. Soulmates are those friends your mother always talked about when she said: If they’re going to jump are you going to jump too? And you’re not going to jump because your friend asked you, you’re going to jump because you had the same crazy idea, you just ended up doing it together. Soulmate friend is someone who’s thinking of something when you’re already saying it and they were about to say it but you said it first, without knowing they had the same thought. They are those friends who are too shy to ask you to go out with them at 2 AM but then you ask them because you’re bored and they tell you that they wanted to go but didn’t know how to ask. They are those friends who don’t have any plans and end up doing some crazy sh*t that you will never ever forget. Those friends that want to eat the same thing you want to eat, that no matter what you say or do, they will not judge you (even though they’re going to have the most weirded-out face) because they aren’t the ones to be loud because they know they are the same. Friends that support what you do, no matter what your dream is and they follow you to it, yet they keep you grounded and they are always real with you. These are the friends that are going to reveal all your secrets in their speech on your wedding day. The ones that are always going to be for an adventure and you will never feel old with them because they will never say to you that you can’t do something, because that would mean that they can’t do it. I found more than one friend like that and I must say that it has been a journey and a half and I’m only 21 years old.

I know this post is a little weird since I put people in categories but due to privacy of my friends I had to talk about them somehow. (You know who you are, I love you so much!) I don’t think it’s wrong since I have been dreaming about having these people in my life since I was a little girl. I was always shy and I never knew how to make friends or talk to them. I always thought that I annoy everyone and that people are hanging out with me just because they have to (for what ever reason). I don’t have much friends, as I said above and I don’t need a lot of friends because I have exactly the people I want in my life. They all walked in unexpectedly and they stayed for so long. They thought me so much and they brought so much laughter in my life. They showed me that true friendship exists, all you need to do is be true to yourself and be who you are.

Beach party

Friendship is so weird. You just pick a human and you say: “yip, I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.

If you are young, don’t worry. You’ll get the people you want in your life when the time is right. Trust me, once you have them you’ll see they were worth waiting for! We all have our little secret wishes who we want for friends, we can’t deny them and with just a little luck you’ll be doing things that can only be marked as #friendshipgoals

You are so deep in everything that you don’t know what you’re going to do. You think that there’s no way out and that nobody can help you or will understand you. Then you see hands, they are familiar. You look up and see them. You know they are trying to help you, still you have to ask: Why? and they answer: We are your friends. Blog 5

Read with you later, Lara.



5 thoughts on “We Are Your Friends

  1. It’s great that you have so many different friends from so early on. My oldest friend (in the sense of having known him for longest) dates back to my college days, but I’m not sure what happened to my classmates from school.

    Incidentally, I think my wife may qualify as a soulmate. Certainly, when I speak, she finishes my sentences for me. Not with the sentence endings I was going to say, of course, but I guess we can’t have everything. 🙂

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    1. As I said I feel very lucky for that 🙂 I have no idea where others (classmates) are, nor from primary school nor secondary, because we were really stuck in groups (who hangs out with whom) and I guess it stuck that way. I certainly don’t mind because I get to have the best people in the world around me 🙂
      It’s great to hear that you consider your wife of being your soulmate. Nothing makes me happier than a happy couple. She might finish your sentences in a different way that you might expect, but I bet it surprises you and makes you laugh and I think that’s the part that counts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Luckily, my wife and I get on well. Lucky thing too given that so she’s had to put up with me for nearly twenty years! I don’t know how she does it. The woman’s a saint. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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