Different Kind of Humor

Most of us know that people are different. We look different, think different, talk different and laugh at different kind of things. That’s what makes us unique. We may be one race, however each individual has its own mindset and we can do with it what ever we want to. If we go to the internet, mostly on sites where you can post comments, it can be seen how people react to certain things and sometimes it is quite interesting to read their opinions, because I find it extraordinary what kind of things people come up with.

Unfortunately between those nice comments we can usually find offensive ones, saying unnecessary things that only bring harm to the creator. We have a lot of categories of internet abuse, today I want to discuss the one that is the most illogical to me: People not understanding that not everything is funny to everyone.

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  1. The first group of people are the “joke masters” themselves. Those are people, who think that what they make is going to make everyone laugh and when someone says that they’re not funny they get offended, accusing the person that they have no sense of humor. If you’re a comedian, I think that before you write your first joke down you have to understand that not everybody will like your material. Some will find it unfunny, others will think it’s offensive, some will fall of the chair laughing, others will barely smile, again others will clap like a retarded seal.blog 5
  2. The second group of people are the fans that simply don’t understand, how what they find funny, other people don’t. Accusing you that you have no sense of humor, that you are too serious, that you have no life. On the internet it can come out as abuse towards people who comment under a post that they didn’t find the video funny and they get attacked by all the fans (with the type of humor that made them laugh at the video), getting criticized that they have no taste, etc.
  3. The third group of people are simply the ones that understand that not everything everyone makes is funny. That you have to find what makes you laugh and understand those who find something, you might find extremely boring, funny. You might find something offensive, to others its no big deal. Someone is sensitive to feminist jokes, others simply don’t care because they know it’s considered as humor. A lot of people use sarcasm on a daily basis and there are a lot of people who don’t understand it and due to that they get offended, their defense mechanism comes up and they are the ones that really hurt people, sometimes even intentionally.blog 3

It really saddens me that people don’t understand how different we are. They say that you have to be your own person and be unique, not copy anyone else but at the same time they cannot understand how you don’t like a joke they told you. We should be more cautious and handle things with more tolerance and sometimes understand why someone finds a certain thing not funny or offensive. We have different minds and different opinions and they should all be valued and admired and understood, because we never know when we go too far with the words that come out of our mouths.

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Read with you later, Lara.


4 thoughts on “Different Kind of Humor

  1. I agree.There are a lot of people who won’t understand you no matter what you say.And I can’t stand those who don’t understand and don’t even try to do it.And after all you are the one who’s fault.
    P.S.I chose you as my favourite May blogger in my blog!Check out!:)

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    1. People nowadays are so angry about every thing that is on the internet. It looks like it’s becoming a trend and it’s “cool” if you’re angry and putting people down on the internet and beginning a fight over what’s funny or not..it’s really sad to see it..after all these yeara you would think that things would get better, we are evolving and we should make some understanding progress..

      Really? Oh wow, thank you so much!! That means a lot to me 🙂 I will be sure to check it out!! 🙂

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