The “toilet paper curse”

Yes…you’ve read the title correctly. Now this isn’t some voodoo magic-type of “thingy”…

Now..I don’t know if I’m the only one with this but my friends and family make fun of me for saying it (even though they know it’s true).

So the “toilet paper curse” is the curse where every time you ran out of toilet paper, it’s your time to change it.


I live in different places…
I have divorced parents (so mom’s place, dad’s place). My college dorm, my grandparents’ house, EVEN my friends’ houses. Anywhere I go, right where I’m in the bathroom, I use the last piece of toilet paper and I have to change it.

Now, you might think I’m overreacting (unfortunately, I am NOT!). It’s ridiculous! And it took me years to notice that I’m the one who’s changing the toilet paper everywhere.


When I became aware of this so called situation, I was like: Nah, this can’t be real. You are just imagining this. But I was wrong.

How do I know?

Well, I did a little experiment. (Yes, I did a toilet paper experiment…DO NOT JUDGE!)

I marked a toilet paper roll on the inside everywhere I live (to see if the end of the changing roll would be the same or someone had to change the roll between the last one and the one I changed). And 3 out of 4 rolls I had to change! I did the experiment AGAIN! (Statistics…what’s ya gonna do…) And it happened again 4/4 this time!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I smell something fishy. I seriously couldn’t care less, because it takes like 15 seconds to change the toilet paper roll, but it bugs me.

Like who picked me for this “duty”? Am I the only one using the paper? Is someone doing this to me intentionally? Am I the one who goes to the bathroom so often that the toilet paper roll has to be changed so often? Is it coincidence?


All I know is that this is a curse and I don’t see it vanishing any time soon…so I guess I should just get used to it and except the fact that my purpose in life is to be…


toilet paper

At least I am doing people a favor 😛

Read with you later, Lara.


11 thoughts on “The “toilet paper curse”

    1. I am glad to hear I am not the only one. But what usually happens to me is that There are like 5-10 more papers on the roll just enough for the “duty” and then it runs out. And it always happens to me…unbelievable!

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      1. At least they have the decency to just leave enough. I somehow always end up with one or one and a HALF measly squares of toilet paper…. people these days. I feel you. I’m sorry you have to suffer through this curse

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