How I lost my phone…

If you live in the same world I do, then you know that the world is falling apart and everything is trembling. And moments when your faith in humanity is restored are so rare, that you have to have a magnifying glass with you to find it.


I might say I am terribly lucky, because I found a little “faith in humanity restored” moment without a magnifying glass last week.


I know, we live in the 21st century and losing your phone is worst than losing your kid in the park (sad but true).

I am a very trusting person when it comes to my belongings and with that I do not lock my phone. I repeat: I…DO…NOT…LOCK…MY…PHONE. I know, I’m a disaster of a person but somehow I believe in good in everyone and I trust people…like a lot (a bit too much to be honest).

I was at a party at my friends dorm (a town over) and we had a picnic outside. Of course, we could all leave our phones inside but…
What if my Instagram picture gets liked and I don’t see it right away, or someone re-tweets my tweet?
Dear God, everything would fall apart if we don’t receive the notification right away…

So this phone-losing of mine happened after we had a couple of drinks, it was dark outside and my pockets were WAY TOO SMALL for my WAY TOO BIG brick-of-a-phone (let me tell you: they make bigger and bigger phones but fashion and their pockets do not cooperate with their designs).

So me and a friend of mine were lying in the grass…watching the stars (we had a little bit under our roof, if you know what I mean…) and suddenly another friend yells from the balcony that the third friend wandered off to the streets (she’s basically missing). Everybody panicked, because those idiots didn’t know that she does this every time (BTW, I knew, because I know her for 16 years and she has been doing it for at least 6 of those). So everybody panicked (no more stars watching for me): “Come on, we have to go, aren’t you worried something might happen to her?” They pulled me up and the searching action began.

To cut the story short, we found her (like we always do) but do you know who hasn’t attended the search party?


When they dragged me from my peaceful place on the grass, they left my phone behind…all cold…ringing for me to come back (lucky bastard, it got to see the stars till the morning Sun).

Mobile Phone Technology Shipwreck

By a surprise, I haven’t looked or missed my phone till the next morning when I woke up and I wanted to tell my mom, I’ll be home for lunch. Let’s text her…


Not in my friend’s room, not in her friend’s room, not in the friend-friend’s room. Not in the room across the hall…


I asked everyone, if they saw my phone, went through all my stuff, but the phone was not there. So I asked my friend’s roommate and she said that the last time she saw the poor bastard was when I was lying on the grass, watching the stars. lostphone_iStock_000016388057XSmall


I ran out of the dorm, right to the spot…


It wasn’t there. I took my friend’s phone, went all around the campus (and the bitch ain’t small..grass is everywhere, so my phone could be anywhere). I kept calling my phone and I walked around in hope to hear it ring somewhere. NOTHING!

After 3 hours of hopeless searching, crying over it, cursing myself for not locking it with a code and being angry with myself for bringing the little brick everywhere, I stopped.

I went back to her dorm, picked my stuff and went home.

Now, I don’t know about you but there’s this technology called a computer, where you can have Facebook, just like on your phone. I logged in, to tell my mom and closest friends that I am unavailable till further notice, because I am an idiot.


I saw that I have messages from 3 people, that I have never heard of before. I open the messages, one after the other…THEY WERE ALL ABOUT MY PHONE!

So guess what…

The phone was on the grass..except that it was picked up at 7AM by a girl, who went to college. The same place on the grass was searched by me, only AN HOUR LATER! She found my phone, poor bastard just lying there, picked it up, went through it so she found out who the phone belonged to and messaged me that she has it.


Now, as I said before the phone was unlocked, she could’ve easily just removed my card, put hers in it and call it a day. But no, she went through all the trouble to reunite my stupid ass with my phone and I will be forever grateful for that!

This is a story of how I lost my phone, how I learned that I don’t miss it at all and I can live without it (because I was without my phone for 3 days), how there still is some faith in our humanity and how I am stupid stupid stupid!

Well, lesson not learned, I have my phone right next to me, while I’m writing this and guess what…it’s still not locked.


Read with you later, Lara.


3 thoughts on “How I lost my phone…

  1. It’s great you got your phone back. It’s always nice to hear about honest, decent behavior by people for a change. So much of the news these days seems to be about the opposite.

    Liked by 1 person

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