When everything goes bad

Hello, my name is Lara, have you met my friend Life?

We all know Life, that friend that’s so unpredictable that we don’t know if it’s a friend or a foe. Because sometimes we are so happy and we have great memories with it and than there are days that are just like: nah!

And today I’m talking about them NAH! days. Now, it would be logical that you have a bad day, or a couple of days, maybe a week. BUT THAT’S IT! 
I mean, that’s the way it should be right? Nobody deserves a bad month or a bad year. Yet…sometimes we can be so unlucky.

It happened to me 3 years ago.
Ah, yes! That Summer when everything went to hell (more or less literally). And some might laugh when they watch a movie and the protagonist goes: “Can this day get any worse?” and it actually goes. Yet, I’m not laughing! Because our friend Life has this twisted sense of humor and it says if one thing goes bad, well what’s another 5 more things that go on that Highway to Hell?


Whenever my friend Life does something like this, the above expression on the egg represents my face. I am mad that it does that. I mean come on! Hasn’t a person been through enough, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

C’mon you have to admit…we’ve all been there when one thing went really wrong and we were at the bottom and then EVERYTHING else came crushing in. Not like it could come next fall or at least waited a few weeks…


That seems to be Life’s logic. It recently happened to two people that are really close to me. Now, I remember how it was when it happened to me that Summer, 3 years ago and it tuned in for 7 months of excruciating events and I remember the pain and sadness that I went through and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, yet alone the people that I love. Now when Life decides that this is going to happen to you, you can’t stop it, you can’t really influence it, you’re pretty much powerless and if you can’t do anything about it, neither can anybody else (as much as they would’ve want to).


Now imagine the person that is really close to you and this is happening to them and you can’t do anything about it. How would you feel? Awful just thinking about it, right? And all you can ask yourself is: why is this happening? What is the meaning of all this? Does this have any certain message?

Now, I don’t know  about you or how you believe or trust in our friend Life here, but I believe everything happens with a reason. And when all your life is crashing down before your eyes and you aren’t allowed to do anything about it, I believe you are in for a change, a new chapter in your book (if you will).
Why I believe it, you ask me? Because that’s exactly what happened to me. I thought I was happy with the relationship I had with my friend Life but it showed me that that was not entirely true. It hurt like hell (pardon my French) when it all came crushing down, when Life was taking everything away from me but it only did so, to make space for what was to come…


And let me tell you…what came was beautiful
An entirely new chapter, new beginning, new people and most importantly new happiness. I believe that whenever we get stuck in our life and we don’t know what to do with ourselves anymore and when we are blinded by the “happiness” we think we have (see what I did there?) our friend Life comes to us and shakes us, wake us up and shows us that we need to move on and progress on our journey, so that we don’t rewrite the same chapter of our book over and over again, but turn the leaf and write forward.

It might look dark as it happens and it might hurt so much, but in the end it is worth it, because what lies ahead is so beautiful, that it makes us forget the dark and the pain and all we feel is someone holding our hand, pushing us forward…
It’s our friend Life


Read with you later, Lara.


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