Road trip to Logarska Valley

When I was little, I went on road trips weekly. I loved them, through them I developed my love for adventures. ❤
Now, I was pretty busy this Summer, as I am preparing to graduate and I worked quite a lot. However, I managed to get a Sunday off and I convinced my mom to go to Logarska Valley. It’s a valley (to state the obvious) in my country (Slovenia) about an hour drive from the town I live in and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the east part of my country. If you really want to get out of the grey-bricks kind of atmosphere and go to the mountains this would be the place to go.

It’s best to park as at the beginning of the road as possible so that you can take it all in by hiking up to the mountains. Now, if you’re an extreme hiker you can go to one of many Logarska peaks, but if you want to see the main waterfall (the waterfall that the Valley is known for) you don’t have to break too much sweat.


This is the view when you start walking through the forest. I KNOW GORGEOUS!

We took many pictures while walking through the forest. I love to take pictures of nature, because I think that nothing gives you a better picture than the Sun, peaking through the forest.
It’s about an hour and a half of slow-paced walk from where we started and mostly you walk through the forest, which is my favorite thing: to not know any civilization exists whatsoever.


Somewhere on the way you come across this fella. He also has 2 friends: another pony and a cute donkey. All three are domesticated so you can pet them all you want. Here’s my mom petting the pony, after convincing her for five minutes that he won’t eat her.

As I said before you walk for about an hour and a half, depends on where you start the hike and how fast is your pace. And after the hike you come to something amazing…

Rinka Waterfall

Above is the waterfall I was talking about. Isn’t it beautiful ❤
It’s the highest waterfall in Slovenia and it just so happens to be the spring of the river Savinja, which is the river that flows through the town I live in ❤

You can hike up to the spring and go even higher because the mountains are there to welcome you, but for us, it was enough.

The last picture was the view from the rock I was standing on. Beautiful right?
It is so nice and chilly by the waterfall. You can hear it while you’re getting closer to it (while still walking in the forest). You can go under it so it can splash you and you can see the beginning of the river…it is right there next to you. It is one of my favorite places to visit in my region and I have to admit, going there after so many years, it made me feel so alive and so free. It unlocked my desire for adventures again and I can’t wait to visit the Valley and the waterfall Rinka again ❤

I made a little video of the whole trip. It was too beautiful not to make memories with the camera. If you want to see all of it (the forest, standing under the waterfall and hearing the water flowing around the rocks) you can see it here.

That’s it for today, I just wanted to share one of my favorite places with you.


Read with you later, Lara.




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