Review of the TV Series I currently watch

As much as I like to watch movies, sometimes settling in for a few weeks of a TV Series is all I need. Now I have to admit that I watched a lot of them and I am not even kidding and that the ones that I will talk about below I watched episode by episode.
Call me obsessed, but I have always felt a connection to movies and series. They taught me a lot, showed me new perspectives and sometimes comforted me in a way no one else could. The world of motion pictures is a part of me and I have a feeling it always will be, so instead of calling me obsessed let’s call it my hobby.

Before we go to the title obvious topic, I want to mention some of the series that I watched and are not on this list due to their ending:

  1. Friends; is and always will be one of my favorite series of all times. I watched episodes here and there when I was little, but decided to watch the whole thing 2 years ago. I got attached to its characters and it is still one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched.
  2. How I Met Your Mother; similar to Friends, it stands close to my heart, because I don’t know why but I always saw myself in Ted and his optimism and awkwardness got me through a few rough times and as Barney said: When you’re sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.
  3. Gossip Girl; I remember watching it when I was in high school. It was all anybody could talk about. We all wanted to know who Gossip Girl is and we were all in love with Chuck&Blair relationship and envied Serena for being so beautiful. Because of the series Blake Lively is one of my favorite actresses.
  4. Lost; I know that it wasn’t very popular, at least in my country. The beginning was GREAT and then everybody kind of gave up watching. But not me! I watched it till the end and I have to say that I am glad I did. If you hold on through 3-4th seasons which were are some point really just plain boring and you make it to seasons 5-6: it is totally worth it! I love season 6 and I think they made an excellent ending.
  5. Breaking Bad; Despite its popularity I only brought myself to watch it this Summer. To be honest I started watching it because I knew it was finished and because of Bryan Cranston, because he is simply amazing. And despite it being boring at times, I liked how real it was. Nothing was masked, it showed you the world of drugs as it is, no sugarcoating and that’s why I kept watching and I think that overall it was a great show.
  6. Desperate Housewives; I liked the series because it was something else and let’s face it: once you started watching you just simply had to finish it. There was always something that kept you glued to the screen and I love that about series.
  7. Ugly Betty; I decided to watch the whole series because it only has 4 seasons, I watched it when I was little and because I wanted to see her transformation. It was a chill series that I don’t regret watching.

So let’s get to the series I currently watch. I watched other series as well but some became boring, others were cancelled, for some I lost interest. You know how it is.
Without further ado here are the series I watch now presented in no specific order:

THE BIG BANG THEORY: I started watching this series a few years ago and I am following it ever since. I like the simplicity and the theme of the show. It’s kind of similar to Friends or HIMYM, but at the same time it has it’s own thing. I like the nerdyness and  its humor and it grew on me based on the family that they’ve built with the show.


MODERN FAMILY: I started watching it last year, even though I knew about it for quite some time. It never really interested me until I decided that I want a chill show, that will make me laugh from time to time and I like that it delivered exactly that, with occasional unexpected turns and lots of laughs.


DEVIOUS MAIDS: One day when I was at my mom’s house we stumbled across this series. It was the season finale and it was one of the most tense episode ever. I decided to watch the whole thing, probably because it reminded me of Desperate Housewives and I wanted to watch something not fantasy like yet mysterious.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: I am following this show for what seems like forever. I stopped and I returned to it (twice) but something always gets me back to watch it. And even though they went waaay of with the story and the show is not really what it’s supposed to be about, I still like it in some way. We will see what this season has to show and then I’ll decide. It’s not like it’s boring I just think they could’ve finished it by now.


BATES MOTEL: I liked Psycho and when I found out a series is coming out that will tell us all about what happened to Norman so that he became the killer I was all over it. I don’t usually go for the show when it is in its first season (because I am a magnet for series that get cancelled after the first season) but I had to watch it especially because one of my favorite actresses Vera Farmiga plays in it. I must say that it is pretty impressive and I certainly didn’t expect it to evolve as it did, but Freddie Highmore gives an outstanding performance as Norman Bates, so much so that I sometimes end an episode with goosebumps.


SHADOWHUNTERS: I know it’s a relatively new show, second season coming out next year. But as a Mortal Instruments books fan, I was disappointed when the movie wasn’t picked up for a sequel, leaving me with hope that something will happen out of it and I was really happy when they announced the TV show, making it the first TV show that I watched since the premiere of the first episode.


GAME OF THRONES: I first heard about the show in high school. When all the kids were obsessing over it: being “the best show ever”. So I decided to give it a go, expecting myself to watch only the first few episodes. Surprisingly I loved the show. It was something else, it wasn’t in modern times and it was as violent as it was weird and I liked that about it. I like that the seasons are short and that they are not going to extend the show just because it is popular but will end it in yet to come 2 short seasons, rumored to bring the ending as close as it is possible to the books (which I know are not all published yet but George R. R. Martin told the writers the ending he is going to write).


SUPERNATURAL: One might think that I am crazy, if I say that this show’s going to premiere its 12th season next month and even more crazy if I say that I started watching the show at the beginning of this Summer and finished it in 2 months (11 seasons, each around 23 episodes). I just liked it. No, actually I’m lying…I LOVE IT! Because it is different and to think about it, it has everything you ever want in a fantasy series. It has all the supernatural creatures, the plot is amazing, it gets you to tears and gasps and it shocks you but it also makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Now tell me if that isn’t everything.


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: I heard about this show a couple of times but it never interested me so much that I would look into it. Last year (I think it was) I heard of it again and in that moment I wasn’t watching any series so I decided I’ll give it a go. And let me just say that I was petrified. I had to stop after about 3 episodes and not because it was too scary (I love horror, it is one of my favorite genres) but because I did not expect that. I thought it was going to be some amateur horror series but it was so much more than that. It was freaky, it was spooky, I caught myself watching it with open mouth and it was definitely different with every season being its own story and that’s why I stuck with it.


THE WALKING DEAD & FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: I watched the first season of TWD and I stopped. I just didn’t feel like watching it, it was sort of boring and I didn’t really like the whole zombie idea, however there was something that didn’t let me be at peace and I decided to give it another go and after the second season I was obsessed. Not to mention the final few episodes that left me speechless, leaving me to want more and I have to admit that zombies kind of grew on me (if you know what I mean…I am definitely prepared for the zombie apocalypse). A year a go or two (I don’t remember) my town was full of TWD posters. I live in a small town and having posters of a famous TV show everywhere is not exactly what you get to see everyday. I knew exactly when TWD was supposed to premiere its next season so I had no idea what was going on. The posters said Fear The Walking Dead and the date that did not fit TWD was on it so I had to investigate and when I found out that they are making a spin-off prequel of The Walking Dead, I knew I had to watch it. I must admit it’s not as good as TWD (perhaps because those characters grew on me) and besides the beginning the story is the same as it is with TWD just with different characters but it’s still fun to watch while you wait for TWD to come out.


So here are all of my series. I have a lot of them don’t I? But I developed the love for them through the years and some of them are with me for quite some time. Now that all I have to do with all of them is follow new episodes each week, which doesn’t sound so bad. I like the variety of them, so that no matter what my mood is I get a little bit of everything.


Read with you later, Lara.


4 thoughts on “Review of the TV Series I currently watch

    1. I loved the last season. I don’t know why but it was a very creative ending. I did not expect it, however I must say that it is a little “supernatural” but I liked that they took that road 😀

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      1. I expected that from the whole series. They started good with the black smoke but they should’ve taken it from there, it would be better and scarier 😀 but I do agree it’s a classic 🙂

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