Talking to yourself

If you’re reading this then you must be the same as I am…you’re talking to yourself.

I was reading blog posts and I decided to check my site to see what was the last thing I wrote. I was about to close it down when I realized that I was talking to myself. It wasn’t a loud-kind-of-speech thing, it was really more of a murmur. I was deciding what to read next and apparently the voice in my head wasn’t enough.

Now, I know people usually connect talking to oneself as a bad thing but I think it can be pretty useful for people that remember things easier if they hear them.
I am more of a visual type myself (most of the time anyways) and I usually sort things out in my head with my little inner human version of myself or by visualizing the thing in my head, however when it comes to decisions or to-do lists then it’s easier if I say it out loud. That being so, I remember my voice and visualize the thing I need to do.

That said, I think talking to yourself can be useful (in a fair amount that is). I don’t think you need a psychiatrist if you come home, you’re alone, you take off your shoes and your clothes, you take a shower and then walk to the fridge, open it and ask yourself: “So, what am I going to eat?”
Now, that is a simple example, I think that you can ask yourself a lot more or sometimes even talk to yourself to work through an issue or to find an answer to the problem, you know only you can solve.
We all know the quote: “Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need an expert advice.”


Sometimes we know nobody else but ourselves has the answer that we need and sometimes we are mad at ourselves and we need to put ourselves back on track and I think talking to yourself so you feel better or just from a “must” thing to do is a good thing, no matter how you look at it.

And besides:


Read with you later, Lara.


7 thoughts on “Talking to yourself

    1. I used to think I’m crazy because of it. Sometimes if I am home alone I talk to myself all the time. But anytime I tell someone they say that it’s completely normal and that they do it too.

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