Short Story: la la la

It was around noon. Sun was beginning to go down, the birds went silent. All you could hear were three girls singing: la la la.

One was jumping up and down the living room, her high pony tail bouncing.
One was siting at the kitchen table, carefully examining the bouncing steps, laughing while she does it.
One was in the kitchen opening a bag, tilting her head from left to right: la la la.

Suddenly she stopped examining the bouncing, she stood up and walked to the kitchen counter. “Can I help?” She said with a soft voice.
“It’s okay dear, you just sit down and wait. Remember, you can’t do anything.”
The girl sat back down and looked at her arms. They weren’t there, she was armless. She started to tilt her head, singing the song from before: la la la.

The girl stopped bouncing. She looked at the girl without arms. She took her notebook and wrote something down. She went to the bathroom and took a little round plastic bottle from the sink. She read the name, nodded and took two pills from it. The girl in the kitchen put down the bag, she took a glass from the counter and filled it with water. She looked at the girl sitting at the kitchen table: la la la.

They started walking at the same time. One from the kitchen, one from the bathroom. Pills and a glass in their hands. They sat down at the kitchen table, on each side of the armless girl. “Dinner is ready.” She said, smiling and put the pills in her mouth. “Here, it’s better with a drink.” She said while helping her drink the glass of water: la la la.

The girl ate the pills and drank the water. ‘They are so good to me.’ She said to herself and smiled like the Cheshire cat. The song was stuck in her head: la la la.

She looked around, suddenly she missed the light. “Why is it so dark in here?” She said curiously. “It’s evening dear, the sun is down.” Said a girl while standing up and taking the empty glass back to the kitchen. “Can we open the windows, I want to see the moon.” Said the armless girl. She stood up and went to the living room. There was nothing there but a chair in the middle, with a small light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There was nothing there, no wallpapers, no TV, no windows. Suddenly the song wasn’t so catchy anymore: la la

She sat down on the chair and closed her eyes. Her mind was going blur, she could feel the strength leaving her. She opened her eyes, head tilt down, so she saw her armless chest. She started to move her fingers, she felt the fabric. She looked around again, dark, no windows, only a dim light from the bulb: la la

She started to shake, move her arms, she could feel them but not see them. She started to move and kick and then she forgot the song: la

She started kicking around her, trying to free her arms, screaming while she does it. She kicked so hard that she fell from her chair. She tried to get up but it was too late. The other two girls came. And they were not alone. They brought another chair. It was bigger, stronger and it had some ropes dangling from it: la

They grabbed the armless girl, one by her feet the other by her shoulders and sat her down. She was still kicking but she couldn’t scream anymore. No no, they stopped that. She could feel her body shrinking, getting tighter, getting smaller: la

She looked around, she was tied up. Her chest was banging and moving fast. Her breaths were shorter and shorter. She looked around and saw one girl in front of her. “Mmmmmm” she tried to talk but couldn’t. “Give her a little shock.” The girl in front of her said. She tilted her head, thinking what she could have meant. She turned around and saw the other girl, playing with some buttons: la

Suddenly she felt it, it was bearable at first. But it got worse and worse, she tried to scream but couldn’t, she felt as if her head is going to explode and then it came to her. She thought she has forgotten it. Smiling like the Cheshire cat, tilting her head left and right she sang in her mind: la la la.

They cut her loose, they freed her mouth. ‘Quickly before you forget the song!’ La la la.

That’s the song, she smiled again and sang louder: la la la.

It was around noon. Sun was beginning to go down, the birds went silent. All you could hear was a girl’s voice. Silent like summer breeze but you knew it was coming from the metal bars, behind the thick gray walls, from the asylum for the mentally insane: la la la.


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