Wrong timing

Have you ever wondered how a certain situation would have changed if it happened at a different time?


Yeah, I thought you were lying. We all do. I know I do…A LOT.


I believe that everything happens for a reason, that Faith and Destiny (and Karma of course) do exist.

I never gave much thought to the past events in my life that could include such questions but recently I came in contact with such a case.




When the moment when it happens you realize that the thing is not going to work out because it came a few months to a year too quickly.

How did I react?

Well of course I did what I always do: I took a deep breath, calmed myself  down and sent everything to hell (you know, “calmly”)!

It really isn’t a great feeling. And then you go to your friends, seeking advice and they tell you to give it time and that everything will sort out the way it should.

I mean come on! I know all that, but when you have the thing you want on the tips of your fingers and you can finally taste it and it’s taken away from you, because you got it at the wrong time and a friend tells you that you should give it what…MORE TIME…of course you can only do one rational thing: “calmly” lose your mind.


So what can we do in moments like this? Do we have any say in it at all? Or do we just have to wait for what Faith has in store for us in the future? Should we do something about it or should we leave it be?

I know that we shouldn’t force anything, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. But how can we hold ourselves back when we really want it? wrong-time-right-place

I guess the only thing we can do is agree that something happening at the wrong time sucks and we hate Faith for it and we can just wait and see what the Universal Forces will cook for us next. Maybe it was for the best, maybe it will come around again or maybe it had to happen the way it did, because all we really needed from it was one big LESSON about Life. We all know our friend Life don’t we?

You don’t? Then you should definitely meet it. Hi there, have you meet Life?


Read with you later, Lara. ❤



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