Late on the Resolutions

I know I’m kind of late on New Year’s Resolutions but I do this every year.

I know, I know…I KNOW!

I’m weird.

The reason why I never do the resolutions first thing new year is that:
First of all I need to get used to the fact that another 365/366 days have past.
Second of all I need to think about my resolutions.
Third of all I never make the usual resolutions like: “I will start eating healthier and I will get my gym membership card” and BS like that.


WHY? You ask…

Because I don’t know about you but I never hold up to these promises. I eat healthy here and there and to my schedule and everything that I have going on, that’s pretty much impressive and I got over the fact that I am not a very sporty person years ago.

So 2 years ago when I made my peace with it I decided to make different kind of resolutions (I’m not going to say that they are very effective, I pretty much forget about them just like the food and gym ones). First thing I do, is take a week or two off (which is the reason I am writing about this NOW). Now, I don’t mean a vacation or anything, my life still goes on as usual, but I look back on the year that has past and I think what I did in it and what has changed. And when I figure it out I start making plans for the new year.


I love seeing the change I made on myself in one year. Because while we’re running around, not thinking about anything else but responsibilities, we don’t stop for a second and think about how we might have changed. Who we left behind and who is new in our lives. How we grew as a person and what health issues we have had. What changed in our daily lives, how we progress at work and school and what we did to reach those ambitious life goals we set ourselves.

And I give myself 14 days to figure all of that out so that I can see what I can do in the following year. If I’ve learnt anything from Life is that we shouldn’t set up too much goals for ourselves too quickly because all we are getting out of it is disappointment. So if I set myself 5 goals for last year and I only managed to do 3, I am not going to push myself this year and I will only set 3 goals. Or 5 goals with less expectations.


And I can say that I was surprised when I looked back in 2016. I never thought that I did much with my life. I thought that nothing special happened and I was really disappointed when 1.1. 2017 showed up on my phone but now…

  1. I went to France for 3 months on an internship and I have learnt so much.
  2. I graduated and got my diploma.
  3. I got accepted to a masters program at my university.
  4. I quit my job and got a new one and I really hit a jackpot with it.
  5. I found a friend in a stranger and created a friendship that I know will last for a lifetime. A friendship I thought was not possible and only existed in movies. ❤

So what I thought was one of the most boring years of my life turned out to be one of the best. I really accomplished a lot of things. Most of all the things I never expected to do or didn’t plan on doing anyways.


So to conclude, I decided to do just that this year. I am not going to make ANY New Year’s Resolutions at all, because it always goes out of plan. So instead I am going to make plans as they come. I am going into this year with zero plans and zero expectations, because this way I am ready for anything.

(And besides, let’s face it…last year was pretty productive. Even if I don’t do anything this year, I’ll still feel accomplished.)

So I will leave 2017 with an open road ahead.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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