What am I doing?

I have to get my life back of track.
This is my time!

I have to start writing again,
I have to start being me again.
I have the time now.

This is why I’m single.

I have to work on my career
because I know that once love’ll strike
I’m going to give it all up.

It’s so f*cked up,
I’m so stupid!

I’m wasting my time,
going on…thinking that I’m single
that I have nobody,
when I should really be spending this time on building me.
Working on me and my future.
Doing things for myself.

Because I know love will come someday.
My dreams…
they are now and here.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


2 thoughts on “Realization

    1. I want to have both..which is have to find someone who can understand that you have other things than children..and it depends on a person..personally I love kids and I want to have them some day 🙂
      And I think nobody should stay at’s a stupid new fashion that someone stays at home..


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