Taking risks

Ever heard that voice of yours inside your head that said: don’t do it…it’s too dangerous…

And what did you do? NOTHING!

I realized that we are all cowards. We are afraid of ourselves. To make our life better, to make any sort of change. We are so afraid of what might go wrong that we don’t even think of the positive effects the change can bring us.


We all think we’re optimists until it comes to a situation in our lives that will effect it, turn it around, spin it in another direction.
When it comes to a situation like that, we start freaking out, we want our comfort zone back, we want to get back in our little bubble, where everything seems to be fine.

Yes, I said seems, and yes I put it in italic, twice now!

We live in a world where nobody has time for anything anymore. Not even for our own lives. We run around, coping and coexisting with society, doing everyday things we were taught were “normal”. And we usually like our lives the way they are.
Of course, deep in our mind we know that there are some things missing, but we are not bothered with them, because to us, it seems as if we have it all. So we don’t wrap our minds about it, we just leave it be.

And we leave the life’s course to run its way, minding our own business, until…


Comes a situation, that get’s us thinking, that makes us reconsider everything we ever did in life. It wants to kick us out of our comfort zone and push us forward.
The only question is…

Do we let it?

We start to think about it:
– Do I really need this?
– My life is fine the way it is.
– I don’t have the energy for this.
– I don’t want to do this.
– I want to go back to my bubble.
– This is too much.

But is it really?
Is it really that hard to change something in our lives?
What if it changes us for the better?
What if this is the adventure, we’ve been craving for years.
What if this makes us happier?

Are we going to stay cowards or are we going to do something with our lives? Are we brave enough to take a leap of faith?


The truth is, we are not cowards, we are just so used to our “normal” little lives, we are lazy and pessimistic and we don’t want to change anything, because everything is fine and what difference can one brave choice really make?


I think that every time, we are brave enough to take a leap of faith, we get something out of it. Either be a lesson or the biggest change in our lives.
I think we ought to take more risks, live a little bigger, dare ourselves to do things we never thought we would.


For once forget that it can end badly, forget being pessimistic. Pop your bubble and step into the unknown world with arms open. Let it hit you with all its force. Being a good or a bad thing, I think we should do it all, because what really is the secret here: opportunity is everything and I think we all love ourselves that much that we want good things happening to us and you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity, would you?

I mean…

If we’re not risking anything,
then what are we doing?


Read with you later, Lara. ❤





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