Unique & Unusual

I always looked up to the great love stories.
From their beginning to their end.

Every relationship I had I compared to them.

Will it be just like theirs?
Will it end just like theirs?
Will we break up because we have the same flaw and it ruined them,
will it ruin us?

I always thought in that way.

To me (even though divorced) my parents had the best love story and I always wanted to have something like them and I compared my first relationship to theirs.
And I thought: well according to everything this could be it.
And even though alike it wasn’t the same.

I love unique and unusual stories of how people met.
I love when they have an unusual beginning.

And I always think: what my beginning is going to be like?

Will it be the same as someone else’s?
Will we struggle with the same things?
Will we end it because of the same issues?

But then it dawned on me…
it doesn’t have to be…
the same I mean..
does it?

We can have the same love story but it would be different,
it would be ours.
We could make the same mistakes but we would learn from them,
our way.
We can have the same flaws, but we would learn to
embrace them, to love them, make them our own.

And that…
that would make a great love story.
Uniqueunusual…just ours.


Read with you later, Lara ❤


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