When someone’s reading a book

Have you ever watched someone reading a book? I have been in a kind of book-coma lately, because I am just picking one book after another from my bookshelf (don’t worry, I won’t run out of books, because I am also obsessed with buying them (2-3 a month) so I have built myself quite a stack, thank you very much).

Today at work (while vacuuming the store) I got lost in my thoughts (as usual).
I was thinking what I will be doing this afternoon. I knew that I finish at one o’clock and I knew that my roommate will be at work, so I would have plenty of time to do…

What exactly?

I could write a blog post!

But about what?

No, not gonna write a post, because you don’t have a topic for today (I only write a blog post if a topic comes to me spontaneously).

So what am I going to do?

You should continue reading your book! (I just started to read Harry Potter (for the 10th million time). I am feeling a little guilty, because the two new Harry Potter books are waiting for me to read them, they are staring at me right now. But as a perfectionist that I am (and because I haven’t read the series in a while) I decided that I have to read the whole series before I continue to read the two new books, so that’s what I’m doing.











Okay, so you’ll read your book.



I have a better idea!

Why don’t you write a blog post about books and then continue to read your book and you complete two goals of the day!

A brilliant idea! (Yes, sometimes I surprise myself.)

So, I began to think what about books could I write about. And thend2243857073829e99f166f2c2c9a795d I remembered a woman, I saw in a park a few days back. She was reading a book, and it looked like she was enjoying it very much.
I have this habit that every time I see someone reading a book, I slow down my walking to catch what they’re reading. If I know the book I smile, either because I’ve read it or because I am proud of myself that I have heard of it. If I don’t know the book and the title or the cover seem interesting to me, I remember the title and I check it out at home.

I have always been interested in what other people read. I think it says a lot about them. Just that I see someone reading a book in public, I begin to like them more.

I personally love fiction books (not too sci-fi, just enough that the author creates a world, I would want to live in) and I love series. Trilogy is my favorite, I have a couple of quartets, but if the world in the book is really really good, then just give me a library of those books and I’ll read them all!
Why I like book series? 
Well, that’s just it, if the book-world is good, I want to stay in it for as long as possible. I hate it when the author creates this amazing world and only puts it in one book (I’m not hating the author, I praise them, I just want another story created in their world and if their world is greatly built, I feel its potential goes to waste).

Besides loving to read and discovering new books I love to watch people read. The way they smile when their favorite character does something silly, the way their face darkens when they know something bad is going to happen, the way their muscles tighten when something big is unraveling and how fast their fingers turn the pages when something really intense is happening.


I think that seeing someone totally lose the grip on reality and fall into the book’s world is one of the most beautiful things you can see. To see someone enjoying someone else’s work. To see that they don’t just read, they don’t just comprehend the words, they are imagining every scene, every character, they are creating the written world in their minds. They fall in love and hate with characters, they root for their characters and they find out their darkest secrets.

I think that’s beautiful.

I am really curious what is happening inside a person’s mind while reading a book. I want to know how they see the world, how they imagine it. How they create an image of the characters, how are they similar to the characters I’ve created reading the same book. How they predict the next scene, how they form the ending in their minds, two or three chapters before The Epilogue.

Sometimes I ask my friends, that have read the same book as I did, how did they imagine a certain character. And it’s funny when we always compare them to actors. “You know who I imagined him looking like? A young George Clooney.” 
I like to compare the imaginations because they are usually so different. But sometimes you get the satisfaction of someone imagining the same actor as a character and you wonder…are they reading the book in the same way as you do?

Reading books is amazing, watching someone enjoying a book is even better. Next, we could see how they are imagining the book. That would be cool. Come on 2017…we’re supposed to live in the future!


Read with you later, Lara ❤


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