It’s only hard to start

I’ve been trying new things lately.
Getting a little out of my comfort zone.
And I am shaking my head, thinking back:


Why was it so hard for me to do certain things before and now it’s so easy?

I was pondering my head, I couldn’t figure it out.
And then it hit me!

Once you start doing something, it becomes easy.
Because it becomes a routine of some sort and more you do it, easier it gets.

So the thing is: It’s only hard to start.


You ever had an idea in your head that you really wanted to realize?
And then you kept postponing it and putting it off for later?

You did??!


So did I!
So many times, I am embarrassed to admit.

Well, what happened to me was, I had so many ideas that it became too much in my head. So I decided that it was time to do something about it! I had to release all this creativity and get rid of random plots for stories.

I decided to finally start writing more.
And not only blog posts, but short stories and starting research for a book idea I have in my head for YEARS now.

I finally made up my mind and sat behind my computer and just started working.
I don’t know what triggered it (To be honest I think I had too much time on my hands. I did all the stupid things and I was left with nothing else but to be productive and start working on my goals.) but let me tell you that it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Yes, it is hard sometimes and sometimes I don’t feel like working. But when I do, I get confused because I thought that it would be so much harder than it is.


Can you believe it!

It’s so easy to write, get inspired, get ideas.
And the thing that surprised me the most is that I wasn’t sick of it, like ever! I became a total workaholic and it amazed me.

So of course, as always. I thought about it. What could it be? How come it was so difficult before and now it’s so easy?
First of all, it couldn’t be difficult before, because I haven’t been doing anything. And second of all: It really is easy once you start.

That step we have to make, that first step that separates us from being lazy and only having goals in our minds and actually doing something about them is so BIG and so HARD that sometimes we just swing with our arm and say that we are not going to do it.iStock_000026968642XSmall-300x225

It’s too hard and of course, there’s our inner critic that is constantly telling us that we are going to fail. And what that brings? FEAR.
That’s how another step is made and another one is added every time we find an excuse not to do it.

But if we put ourselves together and we make a decision that we are going to start working on our goals then we must get up from the couch towards those steps.
We look at them for a while, thinking about the couch and how comfy it is (our comfort zone if you didn’t get the metaphor). But then those steps become tempting and we want to try them.

What’s the worst that can happen?


Can we die? (If you don’t have adrenaline related goals, then the answer is no. If you have adrenaline related goals then do it anyways, but please be careful.)

So you finally decide to take that step. To lift up your foot and just step on it.
And when you do you feel confused and relieved at the same time.
Somehow it was easier than you expected but still, it felt so good, because you feel proud of yourself for at least trying.


Now, don’t get me wrong the steps that follow won’t be easier than the first step. They will be equally hard or even harder. But once you step over them you will find out why you are doing the whole thing in the first place.
You make yourself happy and you are doing something you love.

And it doesn’t matter how hard it is at the beginning,
it gets easier and it is SO WORTH IT.

So try it. Stomp on your fears and walk those steps.



Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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