What can be accomplished in one day

Oh my god I am so good!

Two posts in one week!

I think I deserve an award!

blog 1

And since I am so good at writing my blog, I am going to refer to the last post I wrote.

I kept telling you (if you’ve read it of course, if not what are you waiting for *CLICK*) that I had no time for anything and then a miracle happened and I had a free day and that was the day…

I discovered that I have a blog and that I have been neglecting it for the past… I am not going to say how long (yes, I am ashamed, happy now).

But that’s not the only thing that happened that day. Boy oh boy was that day (this Monday by the way) PRODUCTIVE!

First, let me write a disclaimer. Every person has things in their life that are boring, things that they are obligated to do, hobbies, ambitions aaaaand so on.
And every person has their own perspective what “being productive” in a day means. The story below is my kind of productive day and if it doesn’t seem much…

Well, just trust me it is MUCH! Usually, I don’t have the time to even do one of those things.

blog 2



  • I woke up early (which is not an achievement for anyone else but me)
  • I drank my black tea IN PEACE (usually I drink it while I get ready)
  • I watched all of the YouTube videos I marked as “watch later” and let me tell you that there was A LOT of them (I usually go through my subscription feed and I check all the videos that I want to watch but don’t have the time in that moment)
  • I washed my hair (something I should have done 2 days before that)
  • I blowdried my hair (which with the stubborn hair like mine is not an easy task)
  • I watched 2 episodes of The Walking Dead (one of my favorite shows that I have been ignoring for the past several weeks)
  • Read two e-books on photography (I am in a phase where I am self-learning photography and I have found so many free e-books and of course I have to read them all because I want to KNOW EVERYTHING)
  • I FINALLY went through ALL my e-mails (when I get a new e-mail I check if it’s worth leaving it for later or if I should delete it right away; I had 31 worth-checking e-mails)
  • I discovered that I have a blog (the fascinating discovery took some time to un-blow my mind)
  • I completed an order for an article (here and there I write articles and blog posts for other people)
  • I called my faculty and asked for a form that I urgently needed (my faculty takes a long time to complete anything, so you can only imagine how much time I needed to explain everything)
  • I went to work and worked for 6 hours (besides my studies I have a job in a retail store; if you’re a student or were a student you know that we can’t finish our studies without some “monies”)
  • I got home from work and took a shower (nothing to add here)
  • I made myself some scrambled eggs for dinner (delicious, I know)
  • Watched another 2 episodes of The Walking Dead (you are beginning to think I am overreacting, aren’t you)
  • I made a plan for the next day (including writing a BLOG POST)
  • Watched some more YouTube videos (yes, a day went by, new videos come in)
  • Aaaaand I wanted to read a couple of chapters of a book I am currently reading (but I rather spent the time chatting with my friend)


Okay, now I know there was a good reason why I decided to write this post. I did so much in one day, I can’t believe it! I still can’t believe that besides all the things I did, I could still squeeze some of them in, but I was proud of myself anyways and I didn’t want to push myself too hard.

blog 3

I don’t know about you, but I think I had a very productive day.
It proved to me that if there is WILL there are things DONE! I did everything and more and I did everything on the above-mentioned to-do list for next day (Tuesday) as well, so I guess I am having a pretty productive week!

I do hope this continues because I realized that the more I do in a day, the more productive and useful I feel. I have more energy and more will to do everything and I am happier than I was procrastinating.

That is a big discovery for me (bigger than the one about my blog) and I am proud of myself and I will try to continue with this because it is kind of changing my life for the better and I am reaching my goals quicker than ever before!

A little motivational “something-something” from me:
If you think that the thing you are postponing is going to take a lot of your time and you are avoiding it because of it, DON’T! I thought that I was going to pass out when I saw my 31 e-mails. But guess what: I was done with them in one hour!
Sometimes it might look like a lot but if you put your mind to it, it can be over faster than you think!

blog 3

Oh, and by the way, if you’ve read my last post (in which I mentioned my keyboard) I got my fast writing back and I AM BEYOND HAPPY. I improved my relationship with my keyboard. We are fine now, for all you concerned people. #friendshipgoals


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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