You gave me your Heart.
I hug it every night.
You freed my Soul.
I am playful now.
You opened my Mind.
I see the World through a new window.
You are my motivation.
I feel as if I could do anything.
You are my happiness.
I wake up a little less grumpy.
You are my freedom.
I feel like flying.
You give me life.
I feel so alive with You.
You make me smile.
I walk the streets and my lips curl up.
You make my eyes sparkle.
I think about You all the time.
You are making my dreams come true.
I am accomplishing so much.
You helped me forget my past.
I was so lost and ran in circles.
You demolished my walls.
I woke up from all the pain.
You broke my fears.
I am becoming a stronger person.
You overcame my darkness.
I can tame my Demons now.
You make me comfortable.
I can be as much myself around You as I can be around myself.
You bring color in my life.
I love black and white but You are my favorite.
You are the one.
I knew it when You kissed me for the first time.
You are You.
I am Me.
You love Me.
and …
I get to love You. ❤


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