You’ve guessed it.
I will talk about snow in this post.


Not about Jon Snow.
(even though I do have some thoughts about how attractive he is)
Maybe another time.

I will talk about the snow.

You know…
The thing that falls from the sky every now and then when the temperature is below 0…
Actually, snowflakes fall from the sky …

Still, don’t know what I’m talking about?
Okay! Here’s a picture:


Now that we are on the same page let me tell you why I wanted to write about snow today.
The city I was born in (because of college I live in another city) has all four seasons.
I am used to the cold and I am used to snow and I love it.

The city in which I currently live is beside the sea and it never snows there. Which saddens me and makes me miss snow a lot.

The Winter of 2017 was a very tough time for me and I couldn’t wait for the Happy cheery Christmas December.
But because of all the stuff that has been happening to me, I didn’t really feel cheerful. I thought that everything will get better once I go home for the holidays and the climate will change and I will be around my family. (It did change a lot, I got cheerful.) Still, something was missing.

Every time I talked to my mom or dad on the phone they told me that it was snowing. Friends sent me pictures of white landscape and all I was experiencing was rain. And every time I actually came home the snow already melted and it never snowed while I was home.

I remember one day in January: the snow melted a couple of days before I got home. I went back to college and the next day I got pictures of snowing again (I am not making this up trust me).


I already gave up. I excepted the fact that I won’t see snow this Winter. It saddened me, more than I thought it would. But I kind of understand why. I have such fond memories of snow. Winter is my favorite season because of so many things (my birthday being in December is one of them). I remember how much fun I had when I was a child. I played in the snow, made snowmen and igloos and snow battled my uncle. I went sliding on a nearby hill near my house and at my grandma’s house.
I remember all the nose freezes and cold hands and wet socks.

One of my favorite memories is when I had a guinea pig and every day in Winter I used to check if it snowed before I went to bed. And when it did, I picked him up from his cage, I sat on the desk in my room, put him in my lap and we watched the snow falling calmly in the nearby lamplight.


Another memory that was sort of a tradition was The First Snow. Every Winter, since I can remember, my mom and I went for a walk in the evening when the first snow fell. It was a tradition of ours that we have to go for a walk when it snows for the first time in the season.


It’s probably because of all these memories and the calmness the snow brings me that I missed it so much.

And right when all faith was lost…

I went home last week. I didn’t intend to come, I was just a little homesick and I wanted to see my family. I didn’t check the weather and I didn’t even hope for snow. But I came home to a wonderful surprise!
Not only did the snow not melt, it also snowed!!! I walked home from the station (which is not very close but I really didn’t mind snowflakes covering my hair) and I was so happy. My hands were freezing and my ears burned but I didn’t mind. It was totally worth it!

Now, while writing this, I looked through the window and it is snowing. It is so beautiful and so peaceful.

It brought all the happy memories back to me and even though it’s cold outside, my heart feels a little warmer.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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