Being very productive

I don’t know really what I did but it happened about 2 weeks ago.

I didn’t have any more time than usual and nothing my schedule didn’t open up.

I just said ENOUGH, I guess.

I have a problem.

I can only imagine that you are struggling with it too.

I have too many hobbies.

I have 5 hobbies (writing, blog, photography, self-teaching, book-reading). I have more but these are the ones that matter the most. And I have to fit them in between my job and my school work.
The worst part is that I have the time, but when it comes to the point of picking one of these, I get so frustrated because I want to do them all at once, that I just give up and watch a movie instead (movie-watching: another one of my hobbies, but I do this one so much that I am not worried about it).

The biggest mistake was, that I was making daily plans for myself. For example, I wrote in my notebook:

  • read 50 pages
  • study the new editing program
  • write a blog post

And that is a lot if I still wanted to work and complete all my school work. Sometimes I couldn’t even do one of those, let alone all of them in one day.

So, I started making monthly and weekly plans.

I’ve made 3 monthly plans:

  • photography
  • finish a book
  • college

I completed 2 of those. With photography still being an ongoing one and I have yet to finish a book.
And then I make weekly plans because let’s face it: you are not always in the mood for doing something on a particular day. So, I write down the things I should complete that week and when I decide to work on one of my hobbies, I check the list and pick what I feel like doing. It is not the easiest, picking just one. But I am more productive.


Knowing that I have a week and not a day to complete a goal makes it less stressful for me and I feel better when I cross something off the To-Do list.

Lately, I feel so productive, that I don’t even need the list.
This blog, for example, wasn’t planned. I just kind of wanted to write and instead of saying: “Not today, you can do it tomorrow.” I just went for it. And I am doing that more and more.

I am turning my hobbies into habits. That way I am more productive, I know exactly what I want to do in a week or on which hobby I want to work more and I just do it.
And let me tell you that it feels so good! I write more, read more and I became obsessed with photography!
I am way more energized and I want to do something all the time. I don’t procrastinate, I just sit down and do it. And I have so much free time that I can actually watch movies and not feel guilty about it that everything else is waiting undone. (Who would have thought that if you do the things you planned, you will still have some free time.)



Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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