Starting a new habit

Last week I’ve read (yes, I read) that it takes about 3 months to form a habit. It gets easier after only 21 days but you still have to work on it for about 2 more months for your instincts to want to do something on their own.

I know, I know, I just got really scientific-like. But I really wanted to talk about it because I am trying to form a new habit.

In my previous post, I said that I am really productive lately. And it’s true.
Usually, I have my moments that last a couple of days. I get everything done and then after a week or so, I fall back into the same old routine.

I am talking about my hobbies. I still do them, all the time, but somehow I forget about them sometimes because I have so many.

For example, my blog:

  • I remember that I have a blog.
  • I check it out.
  • I fall in love with it.
  • I fall in love with writing again.
  • I question myself why am I not doing this all the time.
  • I write for a week.
  • I stop.
  • I forget about it.

And if you check my Archives, you will see exactly that. Sometimes I haven’t written in months and every time I write again I am so happy and I love it.


So, I decided to break this bad habit of forgetting about my blog and form a new habit of writing a few times a week. It helps me because I have a vivid imagination and sometimes the thoughts I form in my head are getting too much and I have to “release” them somewhere. And I usually do that when I write a blog. And it really helps. My mind stops running around and I am more focused on everything I do.
And it makes me really happy and accomplished.

I am happy that I haven’t forgotten about my blog completely but I want it to be a regular thing.

So, I ceased the opportunity of my sudden productivity and decided to make my blog a habit. I want to write a few times a week every week. Not every 4th to 18th week.

I also want to photograph more and I am planning to make a photoblog as well. So that when I make my blog a habit, my photoblog will automatically fit into the habit.

I think I am making good progress. I am writing for a second week in a row, which hasn’t happened in a really long time. And I am taking and editing photos at least two or three times a day. I am happier that I have been in a while and I feel so productive because of it, due to the feeling I get when I see that I have accomplished something.

I am not going to lie. It is hard. It is getting easier to sit down with my computer and write but some days I still want to do something else. In that moment, I think that I need to do this even though I don’t want to. Because I know once I make my writing into a habit, I will just love doing it as I do, when I start writing. I will look forward to it and I will get excited thinking about it.


A bad habit turned good was my showering habit. It’s not like I don’t like to shower or that I’m a dirty person (No, that is not what I meant!) but somehow I have formed a habit of not showering every single day. If all I do is sit at home or lay in my bed doing nothing, it’s okay. But I was not showering even if I was outside, in school or at work for the whole day. I knew it wasn’t okay but somehow, when I got home after a long day I just didn’t have the energy to take a freaking 5-minute shower. To me, it felt like a waste of time and I could do something else with that time (Freaking five minutes, Jesus Christ!).

I knew I needed to change that. So, every day, when I came home, I forced myself to shower. I hated it, I really did. And I was so stubborn that sometimes I was already in bed and then changed my mind and went to shower. But I broke my bad habit and now I can’t imagine not showering when I get home.
I will admit that sometimes I am too tired and I just go to sleep when I come home, but I shower in the morning.
I am proud of myself for forming this habit even though to some it might sound strange. It is weird for me too, now that I am looking back and I was an idiot for not showering. But it gets me thinking: if I broke that bad habit, I can break other bad habits and turn them into better ones. Sometimes all you need is a motive and motivation to change.


I started with this “mind determination” (I call it). I listen to what The Voice in my head is telling me (I know I shouldn’t listen to the voices in my head, but I have to listen to this one!): if The Voice says: you should really pluck your eyebrows right now, I do it immediately. I don’t procrastinate and wait another week to look like a hairy monkey.
Like right now, while writing this, I saw that I have to remove the nail polish I have and re-do my nails. And after I post this, I will do exactly that.

Now, to you that might seem logical, but not until recently, was it logical to me. I almost never listened to The Voice in my head (even though he is the smartest sonuvabitch I know). Now, I try to do whatever The Voice says and I do so much more in a day, I procrastinate less, I am not lazy anymore and it is probably the reason I am so productive all the time. I feel better and I am way more energized and I think that is a habit I need to form. Imagine all the things I will be able to accomplish!!!


I feel like a superhero already.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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