Animals are smarter than people

I didn’t have a specific idea what to write about this week.

So I looked into my “emergency blog post folder” that I have on my phone (in case I don’t have an idea for a certain day) and I found this:


First of all, I don’t remember writing that idea down.
Second of all, it was written on 28th November at 3 and something in the morning.

Which means that I woke up in the middle of the night with this BRILLIANT idea and I just had to write it down for me to find it today.

I don’t know what I wanted to write back then. However, I know one thing: I agree with my past-self.

Animals are smarter than people in so many ways that sometimes I wonder if we really are the “dominant species”.

First of all, there are more animals on Earth than humans. And let’s face it, building roads and having architecture doesn’t make us smarter than others.

We used to live in a world (woah, sounds like the first line of a dystopian book) where people were one with the animals. Yes, we ate them for survival and that hasn’t changed but we are not the only species that has evolved. If we put everything else aside and just think about how many species the humans alone evolved from wild animals: dogs and cats, rodents and we are even domesticating snakes.

Our predecessors ran away from wolves once and were afraid of them and then later we tried to live with them and domesticate them and manipulate their species and cross-breed them and create new ones and those species evolved on their own.
Now, that would be something to be proud of. Creating new species and giving this planet more life is an amazing thing to do. Seeing the endangered species and have them safe and make them feel special and make them adapt and have more babies and saving species, THAT is what we should be proud of.

Animals kill each other as well. It’s a survival instinct. As we eat cows and pigs, cheetahs and lions will haunt down antelopes (and there is nothing wrong with that, as Mufasa said “it’s a circle of life“) and through so many years of Earth’s existence, nobody went instinct because of another species for needing it for anything rather than food.
Now, I won’t say that some species weren’t a subjunction of extinction because of other animals but at least those animals didn’t do it “on purpose”. They did it to survive (again, the circle of life). We are not meant to live forever either, we are going to go extinct as every other species but what WE, humans do, killing animals on purpose is the dumbest thing anyone could do and there is no excuse for it.

We kill animals for food. Okay, we always did that and we always will. It’s what we do. But we SPECIFICALLY BREED animals for that and those species will never go extinct. But then we go and kill innocent animals for their fur (which WE DO NOT NEED) and then ask ourselves why are they going instinct and then you have people fighting to obtain and rescue those species. I mean … don’t you see the contradiction of it? It doesn’t make sense. The same species fighting for and against something.

We are calling ourselves the smartest “animal” on Earth, but we are the ONLY species that doesn’t have any unity!

We distinguish between gender and race, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.
Not only do dogs (for example) not care if they are in the same house with another dog of a different breed but they don’t care if there is another species in the house and they won’t make fun of a male dog having a sex-drive and humping another male dog and they won’t make fun of the cubs of a German Shephard and a Chiuaua (I don’t know if that is even possible but I had to exaggerate). But I Googled it and apparently, it exists:


And now I want it!

When you take your dog to a park and they see other dogs, they don’t judge them (even though they smell each other’s bottoms) and they don’t think they are better than them. They are simply happy to see someone else than their owner.

And did you ever read about all the things dogs can feel and think? I mean they understand our language and obey it. We don’t know how to do that. We don’t speak another species language.
And how they can find their way home even if they are really far from it and WE need GPS. And how they grief and know that their humans love them and the fact that we WORRY more about our relationships than they do.

And what about lobsters, swans, and pigeons? Once they find their loved one they stick with them forever. They love them unconditionally and they don’t get a divorce and come on! Pigeons are all the same. Do you know how smart you have to be to find the one you picked for the rest of your life in a flock full of birds that look IDENTICAL and we don’t even know how to distinguish twins!

And don’t let me even start on penguins. Some of their kind give their females pebbles to show that they love them (How many humans do that?) and some animals court the one they want and I think that is so beautiful. We did that too (back when we had manners and class) and now all we do, to try, is send a dick-pic via Snapchat and we call it trying and fighting for someone.

I am not going to say that we aren’t a smart species or that we are not the smartest ones. We are, but we have evolved so much that we became stupid. We distinct too much and we overthink and we forgot what love is and we kill each other for nothing and we have mental disorders and laws and we invented time and money that ruined our lives and we have the technology and we pollute our environment so much that we are going to kill ourselves. Now, if getting ourselves extinct isn’t the dumbest thing ever, then I don’t know what is.

Okay, I have to admit that I thought this was going to be a shorter post and I didn’t know I would get so angry at our race but here I am and apparently, this is what I am thinking about at three in the morning in my sleep.

This turned out to be a good post idea after all.
High five ME!


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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