A lazy little day

Today, I am not going to write much (It’s called a disclaimer and boring post, right?).

I am really only writing this because I felt like it.


As I have stated in many of my previous blog post I have been feeling really productive lately. And I haven’t lost my touch (nah-huh, girl) but today I really feel like doing nothing. It is my free day (after a 14-day non-stop working) and honestly, I just feel a little drained. I am working, doing things for school, I am self-learning about photography (so that’s like another college because I am such a strict teacher) and I haven’t had a lazy day in a while.

Truth be told, I really didn’t want it to be a lazy day. I mean, a free day! I could do whatever I want! And I decided to do NOTHING!


Usually, that wouldn’t bother me, but due to my productivity this past month, this feels strange and doing nothing seems kind of boring.

I still feel productive and after all, I am writing a blog post, but somehow I am really sleepy and just feel like watching 3 movies in a row. And on my watch, that is a pretty productive day anyway.
I mean it’s almost half past four and I just now had lunch (I really am lazy today). I just decided to give my laziness freedom and let it run wild and even when I let myself be lazy I am still writing for my blog (That habit of mine is kicking in!).

And I really don’t feel guilty about it. Probably because I already did all the things I planned to do this week (what an overachiever) and I did even more so I think I deserve a little time off.

Wow, this blog post is really short.
Why did I write it anyway?
I just told you that I am super lazy today.
Nicely done!

It doesn’t matter, I haven’t had a short post in like … probably never so here goes!

But I am going to put in some pictures just that it seems longer, haha.
So, here’s a picture of a dog, so that I justify my laziness with his cuteness.



Write with you later, Lara. ❤


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