My Obsession with Photography

I remember the moment I fell in love with photography. I was at a party with my parents. I was around 10 years old. I was bored and I convinced my dad to give me his digital camera. I went to a nearby field and filled his memory card with flowers.

At that moment I realized that I want photography as my companion through life.

I always loved taking photos. Sometimes more sometimes less. But out of all the things I tried doing, somehow photography stuck with me and I never looked back.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a professional (Just yet!). The first camera that I officially owned was a Nikon Coolpix. A digital camera my dad gave me when he bought himself a better one.


I bought MY first DLSR out of pure love for photography (other cameras were always borrowed and this one was the first I bought for myself) and not out of knowledge in the field (Even though I don’t regret it. I know how to do my research and I bought the best model Nikon offered for my price range at the time.)

It was the year of 2013 when everything went to hell for me and I worked hard all Summer and at the end of it (right before I moved to another city to start my first year of college) I bought a Nikon D5200.


Just … just look at it. It is so precious and it has never let me down!
This Summer it will be the 5th year I have this little guy as a partner and all I can say is that I am a proud owner.

I was foolish sometimes, thinking that I don’t have a good enough camera to make certain photos. But through time I’ve learned that it’s now just in the camera but in the photographer as well. I have taken photos of my trips, of my family and sometimes I just wanted to take a couple of photos, so I went outside and snapped some shots.

My favorite photography types are black&white, selective color and macro. I love seeing pictures of these two types and I enjoy photographing macro the most and I love post-editing into B&W.

Now, it wasn’t until Summer last year that I figured out just how much I want to pursue photography (as a hobby and in everyday life as perhaps something more). My family is very supportive of everything that I do and everybody always allowed me to take their photo. I’ve made a lot of videos and video montages and short movies with my camera. But last year, I’ve met someone who showed me just how much I want to take photos. It was nothing in particular that this person did, but they said one sentence that inspired me and gave me motivation. We snapped some photos through the day because they wanted to see my camera and I loved that someone was so interested in photography besides me (it may come as a shock, but nobody liked it as much as me) and then we were supposed to go hiking and I put my camera away, ready to go. When they said:

“Aren’t you going to take your camera with you?”

It was only logical to take it with me. But because nobody ever reminded me of that and I had fear and was uncomfortable shooting in front of anybody else, I never thought about it so spontaneously. So, I took the camera with me and we’ve made some amazing photos:

From that day on I started taking photos more and more. But somehow, I didn’t like my photos a lot. So I decided to make myself a Photography Course. I went on many Photography schools’ pages and copied their subjects. Found a bunch of e-books and went to the library and started self-teaching photography.

It might sound stupid to some, but it really helped me. You definitely need to know a lot about a subject before you practice it and going through more than 20 books (I am not exaggerating) I got better at it and I am proud of my photos more and more.

I also decided to join The world’s greatest photography game Gurushots, where I get my inspiration, compete in different challenges and climb up the photography ladder.
Gurushots is the main reason why I have become totally obsessed with photography. It keeps you in touch with photographing every single day and because of it it has become a routine of mine and it motivates me to take photos every day.
Some days I get so struck with inspiration (because I think of the snaps I could take for a certain challenge) that I drop what I am doing at start photographing or preparing for a photoshoot.

And a photo that I did for a challenge on Gurushots a couple of days ago, is the reason for this blog post. I have a lot of pictures that I have taken that I am really proud of. But I have never compared myself to the professionals and I admire so many pictures that have been made. But this photo that I took (out of pure inspiration) … it’s something different. I have never made anything like that and I thought that “someone like me” can’t make a photo like this:

Final 1

That’s me in the photo. (I’ve made a couple of photos similar to this one but I won’t post them because they include nudity. A part of one more picture (of which I am also so proud) is set for a Featured image for this post) I also sent it to my mom because she loves to admire photography as well and I needed good 10 minutes to convince her that that’s me and that I took that photo.

I can’t stop staring at it, that’s how proud I am of it. I know that for top notch photographers a photo like this is nothing special but it’s the best I have ever done and I feel like a photographer because of what I did and I am proud of that.

I submitted the photo for the Human Sensuality Challenge and it did really really good! I certainly didn’t expect it to do so well and I have never reached such high rank in “the game”! So, you can only imagine how much boost this gave me to photograph even more and become an even better photographer.

To motivate myself even more and to keep myself in touch with photography every single day I have also decided to create a photoblog.
Now, I have been researching several websites for a photoblog nad I found two. With both I have a 14 days trial before I have to pay for them, but both are kind of growing on me and I don’t think I will be able to decide and I might as well just keep both of them.

If you are interested in creating a photoblog, you can check these blogs out or if you are curious of what I post there here they are (Photoblog & 500px):


Talk to you later, Lara. ❤



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