Power of dreams

I kind of wanted to write this for a really long time.

I love dreams.

No … you don’t understand.

I LOVE dreams.

Since I can remember I have been fascinated with dreams and dreaming.


Out of nowhere, while you are not even “conscious” you can create a totally unrealistic world and in the morning you remember it’s parts.
And you think the dream lasts for hours but it lasts a couple of seconds.

How amazing is that!

And to me, dreams have always been a special part of me. I know we all dream but not many people I know dream so “colorfully” as I do.
I dream of worlds, movie-like worlds, where a whole story takes place. Where we rescue people and apocalypses happen.

I can’t even stress enough how many times I have dreamt a dream with such an amazing plot that I could write a movie script or write a book about it. I even have a journal where I write some of my dreams and I made some of them into short stories.

And if I am really lucky, I remember a lot of details about a dream and some (from a lot of years back) I still remember up to this day. So clearly and so vividly.

And I love that feeling. I love my life the way it is, but I am also in love with the worlds I dream and I wish that I could make them real or at least play them out.


The feeling I get when I wake up with a picture of my dream in my head is the best kind of feeling.
I don’t know how to explain this but I need dreams and I need dreaming. As I have already said in so many of my blogs (Oh, gosh. We get it, we get it!) I have a strong and vivid imagination and sometimes, when I am not writing it gets a bit too much and it starts to bother me. And it’s the same if I don’t dream.

I think I was in high school when I first realized how bothered I am if I don’t dream.
I was really frustrated and cranky and everything was bothering me and I just didn’t know what was wrong. Everything was going okay and I didn’t have a specific situation at the time that would put me in such a state. Then one night I’ve dreamt. And I woke up happy and really well rested. I wasn’t cranky anymore and my mood has lifted. I realized that it was all because I dreamt after a couple of nights without dreams. I have figured that I am really bothered if I don’t dream a day or two and that my “good-night-sleep” depends on it.

Truth be told, I loved that realization. My mind is capable of creating new words and stories (that I don’t read in books or see in movies) and I get the exclusive ticket to watch them while sleeping and I get frustrated if I don’t.


I know that we all dream and that some people have really special dreams and that they mean different things to each person. I guess I could say that dreams are my drug and that to me they are really magical. I am yet to meet a person who needs dreams as I do and I find something powerful in that.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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