My love for planning

Recently I got a few things that need planning.

Like my hobbies and my school work and practice that I have to complete and preparing for New York and Summer vacation and stuff like that. And when I first wrote everything that I need to plan and prepare I thought that I will never make it. But the more I planned the more possible everything became.

That was when I figured out how much I love planning. I am spontaneous but some things need to be planned and I love doing that. I like to imagine what I will do on a certain trip and what I need for it. How much money I need and what I will bring along.

At one point in my career-deciding-and-searching path, I wanted to be a wedding planner. Then I wanted to be an event planner and I guess that stuck with me a little.


I know that planning things is hard (especially for other people) but there is just something about knowing that everything is figured out and that you discover new things along the way.
For example, if you decide to travel somewhere and you really want to be prepared you need to plan for the trip. You need to learn about their culture and their weather and cities and where you are going to go and how you will get there and what will you be able to do there and what is there to see.
All these questions get answered and you get hyped even more for the trip and yet somewhere in your mind, you are calm because you know that you prepared and planned everything that is possible.

Now, I know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan (usually they don’t) and you need backup plans and other options. But I don’t plan so thoroughly (you know to the point of every single detail) because I used to do that and usually, nothing went the way I wanted it to go, so I stopped.
So the plans I make now are mostly when and where and with whom.

Like for the Summer vacation. I know where I am going and with whom and now all I need to know is the exact time so that we can make the reservation. And the first part of planning will be completed and when the time comes for us to go, then I will make another plan like what to bring along and things like that.

I like simple planning because I feel more organized and I feel as if I have some control over the situation and I know I won’t start panicking at the last second. I also feel as if I completed something and if I plan ahead I feel that the actual plan will take place and that (for example) I will go to a certain destination.

Because we all know how it is when you just talk about a place to go or something to do and if you and your friends are not determined and you don’t make any “real plans” then it usually passes you by and you end up staying at home (probably still thinking about it). But once you buy a ticket or make a reservation, the thing becomes real and you are somehow “forced” to make the plans around it and to actually plan your trip.


So, as I said at the beginning: writing things down and actually making some sort of a plan makes things more real and I think you can get more things done that way and let’s face it: that is amazing.

Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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