A long and busy week

It is Saturday. (Yes, I write my blogs in advance!)

And it has been a long and hard week for me.

I have an obligatory internship for my last year in college and I had to drive to another city every day for a week to work there.

I study translation and I live in a small country and finding a good internship is very hard. So, of course, I found it in another city and I had to go their agency for a week and from a week on I can translate from home.

So I had to:

  • wake up every day at 5AM
  • drive there
  • be there from 8AM to 2PM
  • drive back
  • go to work at 4PM and
  • come home at 9.30PM
  • and repeat (for five days).

Now, for me, that was a lot. I don’t mind working at all and I do have to say that internship was so much fun. I was positively surprised in so many ways, I have learned more in a week than I have in all my time at college, everyone working there was so nice and helpful and I really liked working with them, I found out so many new things and I really liked working there.
Yes, it was very tiring and I feel so exhausted that I want to sleep for a week but it was so worth it.

If I lived in that city, I would go there every single day. But I am still glad that they have given me an option to work from home because I can’t move to another city just for an internship.

Besides all the fiasco I have just described I have been feeling a bit down this week. It is nothing in particular (and it’s probably because I was/am so tired) but I have just not been comfortable in my skin these past days. I know we all have days like this and that it’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit down but it really got to me this week.

So (of course) desperate times call for desperate measures (I did as women like to do). I went to a lingerie store and bought myself some beautiful black lingerie. ❤

No, I am sorry I will not post any pictures of it (I know, I know how disappointing).
The thing is, I just wanted to write how much that helps me. I don’t feel like this often and I love my body and I feel sexy without buying myself something. But sometimes buying a little something-something can help and even though I have spent more money that I would like to admit, I don’t regret it.


Read with you later, Lara. ❤


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