Incorrect password

This is going to be a very short post.

Just like my password for my photoblog should be.

But apparently, it is incorrect.



How dare they say my password is incorrect!

I am one of those “safe” people that put ONE password on everything the light touches (no I am not quoting Mufasa … okay, maybe a little).


And no!
I am not telling you my password.

By now you should know what I am talking about (you are a smart cookie, yes you are). I usually forget my usernames because THOSE are different. But I really do use one password for everything I own that needs a password because I forgot so many passwords and they were so ridiculous that I had to put a stop to my imaginative password making.

So what happened this time has actually never happened to me before. Usually, if I forget my username I just click: send email or forgot password and I get the username or the password.
But this time … this time it had to be different!

I got an email to change my password and with that email (god bless them) I got my username. So I changed my password, remembered the username and happily and feeling like a true adult I typed them both in. But instead of a successful login, I got a:

Incorrect, please try again

They don’t even want to tell me what the incorrect part is. Is it my password, is it my username. Everything is JUST incorrect. And I can’t figure it out. I changed my password (to the same password btw) 2 times and then I changed the password completely and it just won’t budge.

So, now … frustrated that I am that I can’t access my photoblog, I came here to put my anger out on a white sheet of paper (healthy, I know).

I also wrote to them to see where the hell is the issue (in a formal way of course) and by waiting for their reply (it should be in my mail in about 100 years) I say goodbye here too.

I think I’m gonna watch The Lion King now.


Talk to you later, Lara. ❤


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