Been cooking lately

Wow, you’re so smart!

You already know what this post is going to be about?

Smart doggo you are!


So, if you are so smart and figured all of this out you probably know what this post will contain pictures of my cooking so if you’re hungry, please don’t scroll down. I don’t want to be sued for someone being hungry because of me.

No, but to get on a serious note, lately I love to cook.
I never thought of myself as a chef (even though that is what I am becoming, thank you very much) and I always cooked the “simple dishes” like spaghetti (that someone touched) and pancakes, fried eggs and hotdogs. But I kind of got bored of that and I decided to test my cooking skills.

Every time I cooked it was a necessity and I really didn’t bother much (you know aesthetics and things) and I just wanted it to be over so I can start eating (relatable I think).

But lately, I just love to cook.
The process of it.
The anticipation of how it will taste.
Seeing how good it looks.
Smelling it and knowing it is (almost) as good as your mom makes it.

I am a student and we usually eat crap (let’s face that straight away) and my stomach kind of said that it doesn’t want that anymore so I started to cook at home more often. Not that I live healthy (phahaha nice joke) I just eat more home-cooked meals. And the pictures you will see at the end of this post are kind of “dull” and “non-artistic” and to you it might not look like something special (DISCLAIMER: I found as many pictures as I could from the last 2 months, because usually, the food looks so great I forget to take the pictures) and it might look simple and all but I did it all by myself (yes, even the dough for the pizza, that is not pre-made from a store) and I think that is special and I am proud of myself and that is why I wanted to share it here so that I remind myself that I can cook and try different recepies and be good at it.

Which, by the way, I AM. I cook so good (not to brag or something) at it and I rarely fail (yes, I said rarely). I am not Gordon Ramsey … yet … I must practise yelling at my food and then I will be him.


Tortillas I made yesterday. 



Quesadillas my boyfriend made last week.



My first home-made pizza.



That is a dish from my: fried potatoes with sauerkraut and Slovene pork sausage.



My first attempt to make American pancakes (that’s what we in Europe call them).


Baked apples with pear-in-marmalade filling.

Talk to you later, Lara. ❤


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