Writer’s block

If you’re a writer you will understand this post completely.

Writing can be easy.

Writing can be hard.

It all depends on the topics and how much will you have at that point and of course then we have the WRITER’S BLOCK.

In which, until this week, I didn’t believe.


I have been writing for a long time now (I can’t remember when I started, okay) and I have never had writer’s block. Yes, I stopped writing for a couple of months or weeks but not because I didn’t know what to write, it was more like I had other things to do and I kind of forgot about it (it can happen if you have so many hobbies you don’t know what to do with).

The thing is no matter how many days or months I don’t write, I somehow always come back to it. I always want to write and I get this indescribable thrill doing it. I realize that I missed it and that I can’t live without it and then I write for a bit and then I disappear from radar again.

And it kind of bothered me for the longest time.
You know:

“Why can’t I stick with it and write at least two times a week or something. Why do I “give up” and then remember months later think of how it would be a good idea if I wrote again.”

I finally figured it out why I write in such a way. I am a pain-in-the-ass perfectionist when it comes to my writing and if I write too often I get frustrated with the fact that by writing so much my writing is becoming boring and I’m repeating myself and nothing is good enough and why do I even bother and I HAVE AN IDEA! I will stop for a few months so that some things happen in my life and I can start off fresh and with new topics!

Aaand …



I really didn’t believe in it. I was always like: But I have so many ideas, how can you just stop writing. I always have something to write!
As that is true, I never thought of the fact that every writer experiences Writer’s block differently and that mine is just that I write so frequently and I am so happy about it that I get afraid that that happiness will go away and it will show in my writing and my writing will suck and I run away from it.

Thinking about it now, I came to a fact that it’s not that bad to have a writer’s block and to not write for some time (even though it is great if you can write as much as possible) and it is an amazing feeling when you finally start again and have ideas and actually like what you write.


How I know when my WB is gone?
When I have so many things wrapped around my mind that I can’t think straight because I think about 3 different things at once. That is my calling to free my mind and put words on paper instead of the brackets in my brain.



Talk to you later, Lara. ❤


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