Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lara. I’m a 22 years old girl that is silly and loves to do simply what makes her happy!

Basically what you need to know about me is that I am loud, talkative and crazy most of the time. However if I talk to you for the first time I am probably going to be awkward, shy and shaky. I love when people are weird, spontaneous and happy. I love to read books. If it was on me, I would live in a library. Somewhere between Harry Potter and The Divergent Series, with The Mortal Instruments above my head. Which can be obvious from the picture above. That’s my own bookshelf and it’s slooowly growing. Even more than reading I love writing. I have so much imagination and so many ideas in my head that I just have to free my mind by putting words onto paper!

I love when people have creative ideas because I can relate to them so much! I love being creative and love to try new things. I love to make videos, photograph everything that I see, play with editing programs and enjoy life in general.

Oh, and one last thing about me. I tend to get VERY optimistic when it comes to well…everything really.

Expect variety of my goofy world. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog at least half as much I enjoy writing it.

Read with you soon, Lara.