Incorrect password

This is going to be a very short post. Just like my password for my photoblog should be. But apparently, it is incorrect. INCORRECT! What!? How dare they say my password is incorrect! I am one of those “safe” people that put ONE password on everything the light touches (no I am not quoting Mufasa … More Incorrect password

Power of dreams

I kind of wanted to write this for a really long time. I love dreams. No … you don’t understand. I LOVE dreams. Since I can remember I have been fascinated with dreams and dreaming. Out of nowhere, while you are not even “conscious” you can create a totally unrealistic world and in the morning … More Power of dreams

A lazy little day

Today, I am not going to write much (It’s called a disclaimer and boring post, right?). I am really only writing this because I felt like it. As I have stated in many of my previous blog post I have been feeling really productive lately. And I haven’t lost my touch (nah-huh, girl) but today … More A lazy little day