You gave me your Heart. I hug it every night. You freed my Soul. I am playful now. You opened my Mind. I see the World through a new window. You are my motivation. I feel as if I could do anything. You are my happiness. I wake up a little less grumpy. You are … More You

To set yourself free

The most heartbreaking thing is when you decide to do something that is the complete opposite of what you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right thing to do or if you’ll mess everything up or if you’re rushing things. You just know that it’s the best decision, that it’s for the best. Nobody … More To set yourself free

Unique & Unusual

I always looked up to the great love stories. From their beginning to their end. Every relationship I had I compared to them. Will it be just like theirs? Will it end just like theirs? Will we break up because we have the same flaw and it ruined them, will it ruin us? I always … More Unique & Unusual


What am I doing? I have to get my life back of track. This is my time! I have to start writing again, I have to start being me again. I have the time now. This is why I’m single. I have to work on my career because I know that once love’ll strike I’m … More Realization

The Hardest Thing

And the hardest thing is that I know you won’t even know that I’m gone. You won’t understand, because you are too young. You’ll miss me, but won’t understand why I don’t come and play. You’ll hear about me, that I’m away but you won’t comprehend the distance between us and I’m afraid you’ll think … More The Hardest Thing