Worth a wait

I am so easy, aren’t I? I always just give away what I am going to write about! Well, here’s a plot twist! I am not telling you anything specific! (muahaha) So by the end of this post, you will still be wondering what is worth a wait. Nah, not gonna do that to ya! … More Worth a wait

This is so weird

This is a topic which has my head go like: I can’t be the only one right? I am talking about a feeling I have right now. It’s not a bad feeling, it’s just weird. I don’t even know how to describe it. The thing is that I am having one of those weeks where … More This is so weird

Something missing

Before I can start with this post I have to share something rather personal with you, so that you will understand everything I am about to say. I consider myself being an Old Soul. I also believe in reincarnation and past lives. I believe that in every life we have one important lesson we have … More Something missing