Writer’s block

If you’re a writer you will understand this post completely. Writing can be easy. Writing can be hard. It all depends on the topics and how much will you have at that point and of course then we have the WRITER’S BLOCK. In which, until this week, I didn’t believe. I have been writing for a … More Writer’s block

Power of dreams

I kind of wanted to write this for a really long time. I love dreams. No … you don’t understand. I LOVE dreams. Since I can remember I have been fascinated with dreams and dreaming. Out of nowhere, while you are not even “conscious” you can create a totally unrealistic world and in the morning … More Power of dreams


You gave me your Heart. I hug it every night. You freed my Soul. I am playful now. You opened my Mind. I see the World through a new window. You are my motivation. I feel as if I could do anything. You are my happiness. I wake up a little less grumpy. You are … More You